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Darley Irish Oaks (Group 1)
Group 1
EURO 400,000 (*$477,876)
12 Furlongs on the turf

The information below reflects values submitted by the racing authority prior to the running of this race.
Date:   Saturday, 21 July 2018
Racecourse:   CUR Curragh - Ireland
Prize Money:     Total Value: EURO 400,000

  • EURO 80,000 for second
  • EURO 40,000 for third
  • EURO 20,000 for fourth
  • EURO 12,000 for fifth
  • EURO 8,000 for sixth
Qualification:   Grade 3, Fillies
Weight Conditions:   Weights: 9st (57kg)
Entry Fee(s):   EURO 1,500 - Close: Wednesday, 01 November 2017
or EURO 6,500 at the second entry on
or EURO 40,000 at the supplementary entry on Tuesday, 17 July 2018
Forfeit Conditions:   EUR1500 to enter on November 1st 2017 or EUR6500 each if entered on May 23rd. EUR1500 extra unless forfeit be declared by noon on January 17th. EUR500 extra unless forfeit be declared by noon April 25th. EUR500 extra unless forfeit be declared by noon Jul
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