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Renaissance Stakes (Group 3)
Group 3
EURO 60,000 (*$71,681)
6 Furlongs on the turf

The information below reflects values submitted by the racing authority prior to the running of this race.
Date:   Sunday, 30 September 2018
Racecourse:   NAA Naas - Ireland
Prize Money:     Total Value: EURO 60,000

  • EURO 12,000 for second
  • EURO 6,000 for third
  • EURO 3,000 for fourth
  • EURO 1,800 for fifth
  • EURO 1,200 for sixth
Qualification:   3 yo and up, Open
Weight Conditions:   Weights: 3-y-o colts and geldings 9st 3lb (58kg); fillies 9st (57kg) 4-y-o and up colts and geldings 9st 5lb (59kg); fillies 9st 2lb (58kg) Penalties, this year, a winner of a Group 3 race 3lb (1kg[) Of two Group 3 races or of a Group 2 race 5lb (2kg[) Of a Group 1 race 7lb (3kg[)
Entry Fee(s):   EURO 240 - Close: Wednesday, 22 August 2018
or EURO 6,000 at the supplementary entry on Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Forfeit Conditions:   EUR240 to enter on August 22nd. EUR120 extra unless forfeit be declared by noon on September 5th. EUR240 extra unless forfeit be declared by noon September 25th. EUR6000 if entered by 12 noon on September 25th
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